Alexander jeffery

Born in Canada, raised in Arkansas, and schooled all over the world, Alexander has always carried a deep respect and passion for the art of telling a good story. With a BA in Theatre Performance and a BFA in Film & New Media, Alexander has the ability to relate to actors but also the wherewithal behind the lens to make a story work visually. "The Bespoke Tailoring of Mister Bellamy" has garnered several awards across the festival circuit, including nominations and wins for "Best Director." Alexander's grandfather taught him at a young age that you can never know everything, that life is a constant learning process, and that applies to his filmmaking as well. The best lessons are learned from doing, and this has always driven Alexander to get out there and create.



After counting over 350 ticket stubs from his high school days at the grandeur Broadway Kino in Landstuhl, Germany, Paul knew one thing... he wanted to make movies. After graduating from the University of South Dakota, he took a crack at the Big Apple where he learned from Lenore Dekoven the art of directing actors. As of late, he has gained accolades for his work as writer and production designer on "The Bespoke Tailoring of Mister Bellamy" and will be next seen in the science-fiction short, "Memoir." One thing he knows now, be it movies, marketing, online media or advertisements... he is enthralled by any opportunity to write stories that connect people. Even more so, he loves... communicating with pictures.